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Amazon Offcampus Recruitment | Software Development Engineer

Brief Description: 
Job Profile: Software Development Engineer
Degree Needed: B.E/B.Tech/M.Tech
Exp Needed: Fresher to 3 years of software development experience
Work Location: Bangalore
CTC offered: Best In industry
Eligible Batches: 2019/2018/2017

Profile Description: 
As an SDE working in the Advertising team, you will not only be responsible for creative input into algorithms that maximize our revenue from Advertising, but you will also develop them in an Object Oriented and scalable way. The software that you design and develop will provide the highly reliable, low cost marketing solutions to Amazon.com, and other advertisers. You will be dealing with high transaction systems and web services supporting thousands of transactions per second.

Job Description: 
We are not tied to one technology. Instead, we use what is best suited for the purpose. All of our systems tend to be loosely coupled, communicating using synchronous and asynchronous messaging, leading to a classic distributed processing architecture. We also work on development of mobile SDK in Java and Objective C. We are looking for talented SDEs who enjoy working on creative algorithms, building large scale systems and who thrive in a fast paced fun environment. Knowing Java or C++ and Object-oriented Design is a must, and Python and SQL are highly desired. Experience working with Linux is a big plus. Having worked on Mobile development would be preferable. If you have worked on web development focusing on mobile form factors, it would be an added advantage.

Basic Qualifications

Candidates must have a strong Computer Science background.
A Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or related technical discipline is a must.
Fresher to 3 years of software development experience
Proficiency in Java or C++, with Object-oriented Design
Strong in Data Structures, Algorithms
Must show strong ownership, bias for action and product sense.

Technical and Professional Requirements:

Understanding of XML, JS, CSS, HTML, and web application development is desirable.
Master's degree in Computer Science or relevant work experience
Python, SQL and experience with Linux
Will have experience designing and supporting large-scale distributed systems in a production environment
Ideal candidates will show excellent debugging and troubleshooting skills, with an enthusiastic attitude to support and resolve customer problems

Company Profile: Amazon.com and its subsidiaries are leaders in the online retail industry, enabling customers worldwide to purchase millions of unique items. The Advertising team is specifically chartered with the responsibility of marketing our products, and to drive traffic to Amazon to increase sales. As Amazon.com seeks to increase its presence in many countries with different customer behaviors, and as mobile and tablets explode, one of our biggest challenges is to increase the awareness of our product selection and price to customers in a variety of ways, and to make us the premier online shopping destination, including on Mobile devices.

We use several advertising channels to be able to bring customers to Amazon. One of the major forms of advertising is by placing advertisements for Amazon on 3rd Party sites (Publishers). We have millions of such Publishers in our network, driving billions of dollars in sales for Amazon. We also use these websites to show ads for other companies, and keep a portion of the revenue from these companies as our take, like AdSense. We have systems that are able to monitor customer behavior on Amazon.com and on other websites, correlate purchases and browsing history on the internet, and come up with intelligent advertising campaigns that would maximize the benefit to Amazon, the Advertisers and Publishers. We do this by calculating the probability of a customer making a purchase because of an advertisement, the cost of showing that advertisement, and make a data based decision on what advertisement is best to surface.

We own products that allow anyone to be able to sign-up as a Publisher in our network. Our external facing portal allows these Publishers to access a number of products that monetize different portions of their website content. We treat mobile app developers as Publishers, and are also in the business of showing Mobile ads, and making money off of those. Publishers can include snippets of Javascript in their site, and Developers can integrate with our Mobile Ads SDK, and they are done. When a potential customer views the website or uses an app, web service calls are made to our systems, which then decide which advertisement to show, and provide it back to the app or website. We mine the large amounts of customer behavior data, and website content to determine the best ad to show. When the customer clicks on that ad, he/she gets redirected to Amazon or to the advertiser site. We have systems that monitor the customer actions as they make purchases, and we initiate payment to the Publisher or Developer for enabling the transaction. We have Software Development Kits (SDK) for mobile app developers on Android and iOS that help them to easily create links to products on Amazon. We have mobile device oriented offerings that help publishers and app developers monetize from mobile traffic.

In other words, you will be working on products and solutions that enable us to place highly effective advertisements on a variety of Publishing sources – websites, Mobile apps, Tablet apps, gaming devices, TVs etc. You will be competing in a cutting edge space with other Advertising giants like Google, Yahoo, Facebook and a Microsoft with your products, and have tremendous business impact.
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